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Valve is making it easier to publish games with Steam Direct

2017210-Valve is ditching its oft-maligned Steam Greenlight system for something more straightforward. For the uninitiated, Greenlight is a communit

for Steam: More choice, more democracy, less Greenlight

201326-Newell outlines his vision of where Steam is going: doing away with the approval process, converting Steam into a network API, transferring

Valve to abolish Steam Greenlight, open up with Steam Direct

2017210-Valve have announced plans to hugely widen the number of games they allow onto Steam by approving developers directly. The popularity contes


Steam Greenlight, used to gauge consumer interest on the digital distribution service, has begun listing early (1998 PC, 2010 PS3) Leaf visual novel

Steam Greenlight |

A system that enlists the communitys help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam.

- First Titles Get Steams Greenlight

2012911-(such as Steam and Source), today announced the first set of titles submitted through Steam Greenlight have earned critical mass and been pi

Steam Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

2019513-With COFA games Awakening of Heroes hitting Steam Greenlight and doing very well. COFA games have released a new trailer showing of the grea


201766-Valve said earlier this year that the curtain was coming down on Steam Greenlight, and that a new service called Steam Direct, which will en

【】(Steam Greenlight Trailer)--_

2019429-8CN: Whether Steam Greenlight will be going away, and what will replace it is still in the shadowy future. Dave Oshry has essentially said h

Konjaks Iconoclasts is on Steam Greenlight | PC Gamer

2015729-We can say that because Iconoclasts went up on Steam Greenlight today, and its release date is listed as 2016. Thats not very precise, but its